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"By Chance Not Choice"


 Marco Moretti and Monica Thomas have been secret lovers for months. Her love for him is so strong that it scares her, but she believes that if they keep their love private that no one can pull them apart. Marco on the other hand wants the world to know just how deeply he loves Monica and that their love is simply too great to be contained. He convinces her to go public with news of their relationship once she has returned from her business trip in Tokyo, Japan.


 While in Tokyo, Monica is given information about Victoria Moretti. A woman who is not only the sister-in-law of Marco, the man with whom she has fallen so deeply in love with, but also her very best friend. The information that Monica has received will change Victoria's life forever, it could in fact take her life....and the lives of many others as well.


 Kiyomi Sato is the the beautiful Vice President of International Affairs at Takahashi Corporation. Takeo Yamada is the head of Security for the same company and he is the love of Kiyomi's life. The love between them will be tested to it's breaking point when they uncover information that will affect everyone around them. They needed to devise a plan to make this information public before unforseen forces can destroy it all. Than plan begins with Monica Thomas, who believes that she was invited to Japan for nothing more than simple buisness....nothing could be further from the truth. 


 Marco decides to surprise Monica and join her in Japan. He is decidedly done with the secrecy of their relationship, but once landing in Japan, quickly realizes that something other than business was taking place in regards to Monica. He realizes that she has been summoned here under false pretenses and that she is in way over her head in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could prove fatal to everyone involved. He is prepared to protect her at all costs....but will it cost him the one thing that he loves most....Monica herself? 

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