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"Choosing Love"


 Cullen Quinn and Alexis Townson’s first encounter was filled with sexual tension. The air surrounding them was so thick it was hard to breathe. His piercing green eyes glanced over her body so long that she began to feel flushed. Cullen could not take his eyes off the dark-skinned beauty standing in front of him. Her beautiful skin color glistened against her form-fitting strapless dress. Her smooth bare shoulders drew him in, causing his manhood to take notice. When his cousin, Ivan Quinn asked him to accompany her to her car, he was more than happy to take on that assignment.

Alexis took in Cullen’s entire package. Her eyes were drawn to his unbuttoned jacket that revealed a fitted white shirt that outlined his beautifully sculptured body. Alexis lowered her eyes and immediately noticed how well his body fit in the obviously tailor-made black suit. Alexis knew she must have been staring too long because when she redirected her attention back to Cullen’s face, she noticed his smug look.

Cullen is a dangerous man with green eyes that would melt your heart. He is the ultimate bad boy from Ireland. A tragic incident in his past chartered his path that led him to become a mercenary for hire, but he put that life behind him to work with his cousin as a Vice President at Quinn Enterprises.

After a tragic incident, Alexis left town. It’s been four months since he’s seen her and now she is coming back for her friend’s wedding. Brianna Robinson and Adam Quinn are getting married, and Cullen can’t deny that he’s excited to see Alexis again. After reconnecting, they decided to pursue what could have been. Just when they think they have a chance at happiness, tragedy strikes again. Now the old Cullen has resurfaced, and he is out for blood. Find out why in the next installment of the Quinn Family Series.

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