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Luca's Retribution

Luca's Retribution HB Book Cover.png

The Icarus Brothers Saga continues. Thrust into a life of wealth, violence and murder, the Icarus brothers had to do the unthinkable at a very young age, but they are finally finding their way or are they?

Luca never thought that love was in the cards for him but when he met Ayanna all that changed. He wants her, but the cost will be deadly…
Ayanna Selassie was forced to do something she never thought she would, now her life has changed forever.
In order to be together, they must eliminate a threat,but doing so caused a war that no one anticipated and not everyone will survive.
Will Luca and Ayanna overcome the odds? Find out in LUCA'S RETRIBUTION. The next installment in the Icarus Brothers Series.

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