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"Twisted Devotion"


TWISTED DEVOTION - How far would you go for a family that doesn’t love you?
LIES -At the tender age of seven, Violet was forced into an unfamiliar family situation. She was taught at a very young age that lies were going to be a part of her life.

LEARN - Violet learned that she needed to look out for herself and chart her own future. Maximus learned more than he wanted to know about Violet. Could he still be interested in her after what he has learned?

LOSS - Losing her mother at a young age wouldn’t be the only tragedy she would endure. Blending into the background and not making waves was how she learned to survive. Now she’s all grown up and the very family that mistreated her has asked her to do the unthinkable.
LUST - Maximus noticed Violet when she entered the room. Now that she’s all grown up, his body took notice. She was always a beautiful girl, but now she was a woman and he wanted her.

LIVE - Violet has had a crush on Maximus since she was twelve. She fantasized about being with him, but that fantasy turned into a nightmare and now she is forced to live with the consequences.

LOVE - Violet had to live a lie, suffer immense loss, pay for her mistakes, and learn to live on her own terms. She now lives in a new city and is loving her life, that is, until she sees Maximus again.

Can Violet and Maximus bury the past and allow love to flourish... Find out in TWISTED DEVOTION

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