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"Introducing The Icarus Family"

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Dimitri and Nicholas Icarus are two brothers whose lives have been plagued with death and deception. Will they ever be able to lead normal lives? Or has evil already corrupted them?

After their parents and sister are killed, they flee Russia, looking to start a new life in America. They begin working for a Russian Mob family, and soon realize that they want very different things out of life. Dimitri wants nothing more than to live happily with the woman he fell in love with.

And he does. For a little while.

Dimitri and his wife start a family and fill their home with happy, healthy sons. They started an incredibly successful business, and best of all, they’re happy. Nicholas, however, has chosen a different path. That of a crime boss.

But envy begins to grow in Nicholas. And soon, the brothers find that not even blood can save them from the evil within Nicholas’s heart...


There are several triggers in this book.

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