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Love & Happiness

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"I don’t hate my enemies because that can affect my judgment. I respect them because they now have my attention."
Love & Happiness is the final book in the explosive Love Series.

Power, Money, and Blood. Christos Laskaris didn’t choose his life; it was his birthright.

Christos Laskaris has a reputation for being ruthless, cunning, and unyielding in his pursuit of power. He was relentless in his fight to defeat his enemies. No one was safe from his wrath. Christos was now in complete control of his empire.
However, one thing Christos could not control was the woman he loved. Aaliyah Hughes was the one person who had the power to break his heart and she did by taking something from him that no amount of power or money could ever replace.
Can Christos and Aaliyah mend all that has been broken, in order to be together?

Find out in LOVE & HAPPINESS!

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