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"Dance With Me


Quinn Scott’s heart has been broken by someone she loved and trusted. Now, she’s not interested in going down that road again, even after she meets the extremely sexy Tobias Drakos. She’s not interested in a relationship but may be open to a one night stand.

Tobias Drakos reluctantly agrees to go out with his brother to celebrate the success of the latest wine collection from their vineyard, when he meets Quinn. They begin to talk and he quickly realizes that she is someone he wants to get to know, but his last relationship didn’t work out and he wasn’t interested in going down that road again.

They both agree that “Get Over Your Ex Sex” is just what the doctor ordered, a no holds barred, one night stand filled with a lot of sex and nothing else. Rules: safe sex, no personal information, no last names, and when they are done, they walk away.

Their evening together was incredible. But what do you do when the connection is spontaneous, the sex is explosive, and the chemistry is through the roof? You walk away, because that’s the rules, until…, fate brings them back together in the most unusual way. 

Follow Tobias and Quinn’s journey in DANCE WITH ME, A Christmas Novella. 

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