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"Reclaiming His Queen"


Alexander Toscani, prince of Surgria, is next in line to become King. But first, he must find a Queen, or one will be selected for him. He has a plan and it needs to work because he is running out of time. Charlotte was the love of his life, but after breaking her heart can he win her back?

Charlotte Preston’s heart shattered into a million pieces when the man she loved and trusted walked away. Since then she has closed her heart to love. So, when she discovered her current fiancé cheating, it was easy to move on. With her past behind her, she and her best friends boarded a cruise ship for what she thought would be fun in the sun, until she came face to face with her heartbreaker, Alexander Toscani.

He will claim his crown, can he also claim his queen? Find out in Reclaiming his Queen.

This is the extended version of My King from the Royal Court Anthology.

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