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"Shattered Promises"


Ethan is sure he has found his true soul mate. The moment he laid eyes on Chloe he felt an instant connection. They have been together for almost a year and he is ready to take their relationship to the next level and nothing or no one will prevent him from making her his wife.
Chloe never imagined she could fall madly in love with a man, then Ethan walked into her life and she fell, head over heels. She wants to be his wife but their situations are complicated and now she’s pregnant.
Haley has the perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect life. The only thing missing are children, but she is hoping to convince her husband that the time is right for them to have a baby. Her perfect life comes to a screeching halt with one life-changing phone call.
Gabriel is home after being deployed for seven months. His marriage of fifteen years was unstable when he left. Now he’s back, determined to try and repair his marriage, but prepared to walk away if he is unable to salvage what’s left of it.

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