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"Delusional Love"


     Ivan Quinn, is a wealthy real estate investor who does not believe in relationships or love. He lavishes his companion, Ashley Ross, with her hearts every desire to service his needs and avoid the entanglements and complications of just such a thing. That is until he finally lays eyes upon the beautiful Stephanie Young. 


     Without ever speaking a word to him, Stephanie had completely taken Ivan's breath away. Her carmel colored skin was flawless and she had the most amazing hazel eyes that he had ever seen. The attraction between them was immediate, but was is it reson enough for him to step outside of his comfort zone and dare to put his own heart at risk in the name of something that he himself had proclaimed to have never even believed in? His conscious mind said no, but try as he may to fight against it, every fiber of his being was beginning to ache for her.


     Stephanie Young was a Para-legal by trade who had been laid off from her job and had decided to take advantage of her new found freedom and explore other career options, never suspecting that it would land her square in the sights of one of the most powerful men in the business; Ivan Quinn. Stephanie is instantly attracted to her new boss, but is trying to navigate through the obstacles of business professionalism and the fact that though extremely mature for a twenty five year old business professional, she is still a virgin. The heart break she's experienced from past relationships has her focused on guarding her heart at all costs. Despite the obvious attraction between the two their strong personalities are at odds with each other causing a very strained relationship at work. Can they get past those differences to focus on the bigger picture at hand? Or will they allow fear and pettiness to keep them both from what could be the greatest love that either of them will ever know?


     Ashley Ross has been Ivan's companion for over a year. It was made clear to hear from the beginning of their agreement that there would never be a real relationship of any kind. She knew that Ivan wasn't ready for love, but that knowledge wasn't enough to keep Ashley from falling in love with him. She was ok with the agreement between them because she would do anything to be with him. And now that the love she has for him has had a full year to mature and evolve, she would do anything to stay....that includes getting rid of the competition.



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