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"Fantasy Night"


The moment Sheena walked through the doors of the Pleasure Estate, all eyes were on her. This was not the type of place she frequented. Actually, it was her first time going to a sex club. The wine her driver provided on the way there did nothing to quell her nervousness. She was going to need something stronger to relax so, that she can enjoy how she chose to spend her fortieth birthday weekend.

Tyreek noticed her the moment she walked into the lounge area. She sashayed across the foyer in that red dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, causing his heart swell. He began to walk towards her when another man approached. He quickened his pace to stake his claim, he would not allow another man to interfere. As he drew near he heard the man ask her if she was alone and needed company. “She’s not alone, she's with me,” Tyreek said almost territoriality.

Sheena took one look at the tall, dark, and handsome man and knew no amount of alcohol could give her the sense of security she felt the moment he approached and dismissed the man that gave her an uncomfortable feeling. Tyreek’s sensual gray colored eyes sparkled when he smiled, causing her entire body to heat up. It was at that moment she knew this was going to be a birthday to remember.

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