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"Renewed Love"


 Adam Quinn is an attorney and co-owner of Quinn Corporation. He has dated many  women in his life, but has only ever loved one, Brianna Robinson. After spending six months in Ireland, Adam returns home with heartbreaking thoughts of her. Because of unforeseen events, Adam is now engaged to Holly McCarthy, an associate of his cousin, Cullen Quinn.


Adam knows the news of his engagement will devastate Brianna. The anxiety in the pit of his stomach has not subsided since the announcement of their engagement was leaked to the press in Ireland. He needs to talk to Brianna and explain to her his painful decision. Brianna Robinson is the owner of Robinson Employment Agency.


She has built a successful business and her life is almost complete. The missing piece is returning home from Ireland. When Adam left six months ago, they promised to stay in touch, but their work schedules and the time difference made it difficult for them to keep their promise. The amount of work her business has generated keeps her so busy that she only thinks about him at night. Now, all of that has changed, over the last week she has been unable to contain her constant thoughts of him.


Adam was coming home, and her excitement was almost unbearable. She was certain that Adam would take their relationship to the next level. Will Adam go through with his marriage to Holly McCarthy? Can Brianna forgive what may be unforgivable? Will Brianna and Adam ever get a chance to renew their love or will they go their separate ways and be forced to renew their faith in love with someone else? Find out in Renewed Love, the next installment in the Quinn Family Series.

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