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"Choices we Make"


 Dominic Moretti is a software mogul who has not been in a relationship since the love of his life walked out on him over two years ago. He's convinced by his best friend to accompany a very beautiful and very sensual woman by the name of Veronica Hart, as a professional male escort. Realizing that he himself is long over due for a vacation, the idea of spending the next two weeks with a beautiful woman filled with sex, passion and no real commitment, more than appeals to him, and in fact may well be just what the doctor ordered. So he agrees to the plan on the condition that his true identity is never revealed.


     Victoria Hart is the CEO of Bouvier & Hart Consulting Firm. She was still mourning the death of her recently deceased mother who had died from a brain aneurysm. On the advice of friends she decides to treat herself to a two week vacation on a tropical island with a very handsome paid male escort as an added birthday gift to herself. Unbeknownst to her, Dominic is not a professional escort. Her focus however wasn't on anything other than spending the next two weeks enjoying some commitment free fun in the sun.


     Those two weeks are like heaven for them both. And at the end of their time together they both go their separate ways, both happy and rejuvenated. Neither, however, are prepared for what the future holds. Though each are experiencing moments of random flashes resulting from the passion shared between them, neither chooses to act on their feelings. Eventually Dominic's long lost love comes back into his life. And Victoria receives some news that she was simply not prepared to receive. Neither were prepared for the consequences of their choices. How will the cards play out when all of the truth is finally laid on the table for all to see?

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