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"Defined Love"


     Defined Love is the sequeal to the novel Delusional Love. When the lines between love and perseverance are crossed, the true meaning of love is defined.


     Ivan Quinn is the CEO of Quinn Corporation. A billion dollar company that he ran with ease because of his passion for what he does. His personal life however was in complete chaos and taking a toll on him. Ashley Ross, who was his former companion and lover had become pregnant with his child. He had broken from that relationship after meeting and truly falling in love for the first time ever, with the beautiful Stephanie Young. He recognized that Stephanie was the love of his life, but having promised his sick mother that he would marry Ashley and give his first born child the family name, the relationship between he and Stephanie simply could not survive. What neither Ivan or Stephanie knew, is that Stephanie herself was in fact pregnant, but he leaves her, the love of his life, to marry a woman whom in fact he had grown to despise.


     Ashley had gone to great extremes to trick and manipulate Ivan into impregnate her. She had sabotaged his condoms and lied about taking her birth control to secure her position in his life, believing that a child would be all she would need to put an end to the threat that Stephanie posed in her life. What she had not counted on was Stephanie herself becoming pregnant. How far is Ashley really willing to go to keep the man that she loves and secure the financial future of both her and her child?


     Stephanie Young has simply been devastated. She was a twenty five year old virgin when she had gave herself to Ivan. She had resolved within herself to save her virtue for the man who would one day be her husband, only to betray her own sensibilities in the name of a love that was clearly one sided. Despite all of his talking and promises, at the end of the day, he had chosen Ashley. She didn't care why. And she couldn't bear to have that fact paraded in her face. So she reconnected with an old ex and relocated out of state to Miami, Florida. And there she would stay until after she gave birth. Her pregnancy would prove to be twice as hard as any issue she has ever had to endure...because Stephanie wasn't just pregnant with just one child,...she was pregnant with twins.

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