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When writing in your passion.

Here is where I found my first true freedoms. Freedom of expression. Freedom in escape. Freedom to speak my own thoughts, feelings and desires through the lives of the characters that I create. Here is where I found a natural kind of therapy that allowed me to exercise my demons and recenter my kilter so that I could remain grounded in the chaos that was my life. Here is where I shared my darkest secrets, my greatest fears, my most desperate of hopes. It is where I grew as an adult, a a human being. Here is where my heart lies And where I come to share the intricacies of that heart with all of you; my friends, followers and fans alike. I thank you all for the love and support that you all have shown me over the years, and pray that you will continue with me as I continue to grow and evolve and share those intimate parts of my soul with you all, and we continue to grow as a family. - Sage

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